This page shows you the live hall bookings weekly diary.

This page shows you the live hall bookings weekly diary.

You can see which rooms are booked up, what is on and when there is availability. If you click on an item it will also give you more details. You can also look at future weeks/months/years by clicking the appropriate arrow or inserting the date you are looking for at the top of the weekly diary

Green means the room is fully available
Orange means the room is partially booked that day
Purple means the room is fully booked that day

We hope a weekly diary will be useful and enable you to see what is happening and if the hall has availability on the3 day you want to book it.

We are now trialling a system where you can request a booking for the  hall directly from this website. Just click on the diary (there will be a cross at the top righthand side of each day for the main hall) and complete the relevant details, including date, time and any special requirements..

To start with only the main hall will be available to book online and extras such as the main hall bar and lounge for party’s and weddings etc. can be requested when the main hall is booked. Fill instructions on how to book online can be downloaded by clicking the buttons at the foot of this page

Once you have made your request, you will receive an email acknowledgement. Subsequently after a check from the Bookigs management, your request will be confirmed along with the hire fee (subject to payment of a deposit). We can also issue you with an invoice.

There are still hardcopy booking forms available in the hall entrance, but we are now trying to move to an online system where possible.

For T&C’s and hire rates, please see the Hire tab at the top of this website.

For social club members who want to play snooker, we `are now operating on a first come basis, Monday to Friday evenings 7;15pm to 10:30pm. During snooker league season the tables will not be available every weekday evening due to match games.

Our simplified instructions for how to book online can be found here..


The standard Hallmaster instructions can also be found here.